Hear God’s Voice

Where this command is found:

“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

Matthew 11:15

As we study the command to Hear God’s Voice, we have to ask the question: what are we listening to? Whatever we focus on, we end up giving our ear to listen to. If we spend the majority of our time listening to the media, philosophy and counsel of the world, we are in danger of becoming more in tune with the noise of the world than hearing the voice of God.

Yet the opposite is true. The more time we take to spend with God filling our mind with His Word, the greater ability we will have to hear His voice. Sometimes we can feel like God is not speaking to us. But often this assumption is not true. The fact is that He is speaking but we are not choosing to listen. In other words, we have ears to hear but we are not hearing.

The reason for this could be that our hearts are not as tuned in as they should be due to neglecting time in God’s Word. Work, family time, friends, social media, hobbies etc. can have our lives so full of busyness. If we are not careful, these things can keep us from hearing from God. May the Lord give us the grace to take time each day to turn aside from the busyness of life in order to cultivate an ear to hear and a heart that is in tune with His.

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