Bonus: “Embracing An Enemy” with Roger Helle

Jan 30, 2023

From fighting in the dense jungles of Vietnam to embracing the ones that tried taking his life, listen as Roger Helle shares his unforgettable testimony of God’s mercy, love and grace! As a highly decorated veteran, Roger was searching to find acceptance, value and meaning in life. It was not until God brought him to “rock bottom” that he found what he was searching for!

Just because someone has achieved success in the world’s eyes does not mean that they have found the peace, joy and contentment they are looking for. In this guest episode, Roger shares the rejection, hurt and pain he faced in his life. All to find that within himself, he didn’t have the hope he was searching for. Join Gabe Cleator and Roger Helle as they discuss how God can use tragic experiences to help us discover the love and fulfillment only found in Christ!

  • Roger Helle, Guest

    Born into a dysfunctional family in Toledo, Ohio, Roger joined the Marines right after high school. He served as an infantryman in Vietnam, a drill instructor, and a CID investigator. He was wounded on three different occasions and was critically wounded on his last tour. While in the hospital he overheard the doctor say he was going to die. Roger begged God to let him live, and he continued on, though his life was in shambles. But with his marriage failing and his career in jeopardy due to alcohol, Roger and his wife, Shirley, encountered Christ in such a way that would change their lives forever.